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1. Where did XiXi Yang come from ?

Born in Nanjing, China, Yang is fluent in Mandarin and Japanese. She grew up in China and Japan, before coming to America at the age of nine. She attributes her out-going personality to her childhood experience of living in multiple countries.

2. What could we know about XiXi Yang besides his height ?

In 2005, fascinated by the cultural differences between American and Chinese high-school teenagers, Yang published an article in China’s Yangzi Newspaper, entitled “Comparing Cultural Differences: American and Chinese High School Students”. The basis of her studies came from the nine-page questionnaires she passed to 275 high-school students in both countries. The article also documented Yang’s childhood and the emotional struggles she went through growing up as an Asian-American. Yang’s article caught the attention of cctv.com, the most powerful television broadcaster in mainland China, for she was one of the first few high-school students to publish in Yangzi. Yang was interviewed by CCTV on February 6, 2004, and received an overwhelming number of letters in response[citation needed].

3. What are the projects of XiXi Yang ?

In 2007, she graduated from North Allegheny Senior High School and entered New York University, studying mass media communications. In 2010, she transferred to University of California Los Angeles.

4. Somme collaborations with XiXi Yang ?

In 2008, XiXi started her hosting career as the VJ / host for Dance Music Television, airing on channel 18 in Westchester, NY. She covered street festivals, concerts, and events, along with interviewing various artists and entertainers in the New York City area.

In 2010, XiXi Co-Founded PopStop TV Network with her partners and is the host and executive producer of a show which name is PopStop TV based in Pasadena, California. The channel covers news, entertainment, music and fashion and provides millennial viewers with the latest breaking news and videos straight from the entertainment industry. The PopStop TV show airs weekly on Channel 64 DirecTV/Dish/AT&T, Channel 20 Fios, and Channel 32 Time Warner, reaching approximately 4.5 million house-holds.

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Height XiXi Yang