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1. Where did Woodrow Chambliss come from ?

Originally from Bowie, Texas,[citation needed] Chambliss was the son of Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Chambliss, who had a farm outside Brownfield, Texas. He went to public schools in Brownsville and Baylor University, where his first contact with drama occurred as a prompter with the Baylor Little Theater. In 1938 traveled to Dartington Hall, Dartington, England as a drama exchange student. He remained in England to act in Michael Chekhov’s theatre company,[citation needed] which led to his Broadway start in a 1939 Chekhov production of The Possessed. The cast also included his wife, Erika Kapralik, and actor Ford Rainey, but the play only ran for fourteen performances on Broadway.

2. What could we know about Woodrow Chambliss besides his height ?

During World War II, he worked at the Naval Construction Battalion Center Port Hueneme naval base in Port Hueneme, California. After the war, he, Rainey and others from the Chekhov company established the High Valley Players, a touring repertory troupe that for four years performed in and around Ojai, California. Chambliss went on to become the manager of the Senior Canyon Mutual Water Company prior to resuming his theater career. In addition to his work on Gunsmoke, where he eventually settled into the recurring act of storekeeper Mr. Lathrop, he also had a recurring acts as riverboat Captain Tom of the “Sultana” on the TV show Yancy Derringer. He also appeared in two 1958 episodes of Perry Mason: as Phil Reese in “The Case of the Fugitive Nurse,” and Fred Haley in “The Case of the Lucky Loser.” In 1965, he appeared on The Andy Griffith Show in the episode, “Aunt Bee’s Invisible Beau”, as their butter-and-egg-man.[citation needed] He and wife Erika also appeared together as grandparents in the 1978 TV movie Forever.

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