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1. Where did Vernon Campbell come from ?

Vernon Campbell (he is born in April 4, 1961) is an American movie actor. His thick set, stocky build and bald head has seen him play almost entirely police detectives or bodyguards.

2. What could we know about Vernon Campbell besides his height ?

He appeared in the 1995 Academy Award-nominated movie 12 Monkeys alongside Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt. In 1997 he appeared in the movie Night Falls on Manhattan a movie which acted Andy GarcĂ­a and James Gandolfini.

3. What are the projects of Vernon Campbell ?

He is probably best recognized as Dave Chappelle’s kind natured, ill-fated bodyguard in an episode of Chappelle’s Show: The Lost Episodes. In that particular episode, the bodyguard is shot by the I.R.S. and in his dying words, the guard tells Dave that it was man who shot him but Dave’s greediness is what killed him. Before his death, the guard tries to tell Dave the key to keeping the show’s material fresh but dies before he can say it. He stammers “You gotta…You gotta…I’m dead”

4. Somme collaborations with Vernon Campbell ?


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