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height Tom Chatterton

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1. Where did Tom Chatterton come from ?

Born in Geneva, New York, Chatterton was active in sports as a youth. He gained early acting experience with Ben Horning’s stock theater company in Syracuse, New York.

2. What could we know about Tom Chatterton besides his height ?

He began his movie career in 1913 at the New York Motion Picture Company under director Thomas H. Ince. Although never a major star, Chatterton had several leading acts in early silent movies. He appeared in a large number of westerns and was able to adapt to talkies allowing him to have a successful career lasting five decades.

3. What are the projects of Tom Chatterton ?

He died in Hollywood in 1952 and was interred in the Glenwood Cemetery in his hometown of Geneva.

4. Somme collaborations with Tom Chatterton ?


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Height Tom Chatterton