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1. Where did Taylor Lorenz come from ?

Taylor Lorenz (he is born in c. 1984) is an American culture and technology reporter for The New York Times Styles section, covering topics related to internet culture. In 2020, Fortune magazine included her in their 40 Under 40 listing and Adweek included her on their “2020 Young Influentials Who Are Shaping Media, Marketing and Tech” list. She was a 2019 Knight Visiting Fellow at Harvard University and is an affiliate at Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society.

2. What could we know about Taylor Lorenz besides his height ?

Lorenz was born in New York City Lorenz grew up in Old Greenwich, Connecticut. She attended college at the University of Colorado Boulder, before transferring to Hobart and William Smith College, where she graduated with a BA in Political Science. Lorenz has stated that social media site Tumblr, where she maintained a blog in her early 20s, caused her to become interested in internet culture.

3. What are the projects of Taylor Lorenz ?

Lorenz joined The New York Times in September 2019. She previously worked as Global Head of Social Media for the Daily Mail and wrote as a technology and culture writer for Business Insider, The Atlantic, and The Daily Beast. For the Times, Lorenz works as a culture and technology reporter, covering trends in social media and the internet habits of young people. According to The Caret, her reporting is consumed frequently by “Silicon Valley venture capitalists, marketers and…anyone curious about how the internet is shaping the ways in which humans express themselves and communicate.”

4. Somme collaborations with Taylor Lorenz ?

Lorenz was an active user of Clubhouse, an audio-based social media platform popular in the venture capital community.

In mid-2020, Lorenz signed a deal with publisher Simon & Schuster for a book titled Extremely Online: Gen Z, the Rise of Influencers, and the Creation of a New American Dream.

Lorenz was named to Fortune’s 40 Under 40 listing for 2020 under the “Media and Entertainment” category. Fortune stated that she has “cemented herself as a peerless authority” whose name became “synonymous with youth culture online” during her time with The Daily Beast and The Atlantic. That same year, Adweek included her in their “2020 Young Influentials Who Are Shaping Media, Marketing and Tech” listing, stating of Lorenz that she “contextualizes the internet as we live it.” Reason magazine credited her with popularizing the term “OK boomer” in a story declaring “the end of friendly generational relations.”

Lorenz maintains an active social media presence on multiple platforms including Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok and said in 2020 that she spends “all day, every day on the internet.” In July 2020, when Lorenz was still a resident of New York, she asked for advice in a tweet about where to move in the Los Angeles area; the tweet drew criticism and “revealed deeply entrenched stereotypes that Angelenos harbor about one another.” That summer, she moved from Brooklyn to Los Angeles.

In January 2015, Lorenz announced her engagement to Christopher Mims, a technology columnist at The Wall Street Journal. In May of that year, Lorenz and Mims were out biking along the Jones Falls Trail in Baltimore when they witnessed a fatal stabbing.


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