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1. Where did T. K. Carter come from ?

In movies, he is mostly known for his many comedic performances, such as the street-smart Chester in Seems Like Old Times and the karaoke-singing Iceman in Ski Patrol. He is also known for playing slightly nervous characters, such as the rollerskating chef Nauls in John Carpenter’s The Thing, as well as the unfortunate National Guard, Cribbs, in Walter Hill’s Southern Comfort.

2. What could we know about T. K. Carter besides his height ?

On TV, he is known for playing Michael “Mike” Fulton, an elementary schoolteacher, on the NBC series Punky Brewster and Mylo Williams on the Disney Channel series Good Morning, Miss Bliss. Carter is also well known for playing the act of drug addicted Gary McCullough in the HBO miniseries The Corner. His TV acting start was on an episode of Police Woman. Carter also made appearances on Good Times, The Sinbad Show, The Steve Harvey Show, A Different World, and in the television movie Polly.

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Height T. K. Carter