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1. Where did Steve Cochran come from ?

Cochran was born in Eureka, California, but grew up in Laramie, Wyoming, the son of a logger. While he appeared in high school plays, he spent more time delving into athletics, particularly basketball.

2. What could we know about Steve Cochran besides his height ?

After stints as a cowpuncher and railroad station hand, he studied at the University of Wyoming, where he also played basketball. Impulsively, he quit college in 1937 and decided to go straight to Hollywood to become a star.

3. What are the projects of Steve Cochran ?

Working as a carpenter and department store detective during his early days, he gained experience appearing in summer stock and in the early 1940s was given the chance to work with the Shakespeare Festival in Carmel. There he played “Orsino” in “Twelfth Night”, “Malcolm” in “Macbeth”, “Horatio” in “Hamlet” and the ungainly title act of “Richard III”.[citation needed]

4. Somme collaborations with Steve Cochran ?

Cochran performed in plays for the Federal Theatre Project in Detroit. He was rejected for military service in World War II because of a heart murmur but directed and performed in plays at a variety of Army camps.

He was appearing with Constance Bennett in a touring production of Without Love in December 1943 when he was signed by Sam Goldwyn.

On Broadway, Cochran appeared in Hickory Stick (1944).

Samuel Goldwyn brought Cochran to Hollywood in 1945. Goldwyn only made a few movies a year, so he loaned Cochran to Columbia Pictures for Booked on Suspicion (1945), a Boston Blackie movie.

Goldwyn then put him in Wonder Man (1945) a Danny Kaye movie co-starring Virginia Mayo and Vera-Ellen in which Cochran played a gangster. Columbia then used him in another Boston Blackie movie, Blackie’s Rendezvous (1945), wherein he played a villain, and in The Gay Senorita (1945) with Jinx Falkenburg.

Goldwyn then used Cochran in another Danny Kaye movie with Mayo and Vera-Ellen, The Kid from Brooklyn (1946). After United Artists borrowed him to play a gangster in The Chase (1946), Cochran appeared in the prestigious drama The Best Years of Our Lives (1946), playing a man who has an affair with Virginia Mayo while her husband Dana Andrews was away at war. The movie was a huge critical and commercial success.

Cochran had a supporting act opposite Groucho Marx in Copacabana (1947) for United Artists. Goldwyn got him to play another gangster opposite Kaye and Mayo in A Song is Born (1948), directed by Howard Hawks. He made his TV start in “Dinner at Antoine’s” for The Philco-Goodyear Television Playhouse (1949) and followed this with “Tin Can Skipper” for NBC Presents (1949). He then returned to Broadway to support Mae West in a short-lived revival of her play Diamond Lil. This revived Hollywood’s interest in him.

In 1949 Cochran went over to Warner Bros., playing Big Ed Somers, a power-hungry henchman to James Cagney’s psychotic mobster in White Heat (1949) opposite Virginia Mayo. Warner Bros. eventually took over Cochran’s and Mayo’s contracts from Goldwyn.

Cochran supported Joan Crawford in The Damned Don’t Cry (1950), after which he was given his first lead act, in Highway 301 (1950), playing a gangster. He was a villain to Gary Cooper’s hero in Dallas (1950) and played a Ku Klux Klan member in Storm Warning (1951) with Ginger Rogers and Doris Day.

Cochran was a villain in Canyon Pass (1951), a western, and then was given the lead in Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison (1951), which inspired Johnny Cash to write his song “Folsom Prison Blues”.[citation needed]

Warners gave him another lead in Tomorrow Is Another Day (1951), a movie noir with Ruth Roman that was originally intended for Burt Lancaster.

He returned to supporting parts in Jim Thorpe – All-American (1951) with Burt Lancaster.

Warners acted him in The Tanks Are Coming (1951) and The Lion and the Horse (1952), a rare sympathetic act. He was announced for a movie which name is Ski Trooper.

He co-acted with Cornel Wilde in Operation Secret (1952) and supported Virginia Mayo in She’s Back on Broadway (1953). In The Desert Song (1953), Cochran played Gordon Macrae’s rival for Kathryn Grayson. He then left Warners.

Cochran acted in the low-budget action movie Shark River (1953) for United Artists and was a villain to Rock Hudson in Back to God’s Country (1953) at Universal.

He returned to television appearing in episodes of Lux Video Theatre (“Three Just Men” (1953)), and Studio One in Hollywood (“Letter of Love” (1953)). He reportedly made a movie in Mexico which name is Embarcardero which he co wrote, directed and acted in it alongside Edward Norri.


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