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height Steve Clemente

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1. Where did Steve Clemente come from ?

In 1922, he came to Hollywood to put on a knife demonstration for a disbelieving director. He was trusted to throw knives in movies that had to land an inch or two away from a celebrity. He always got right on target, and developed a good reputation for stunts. He was a known scene stealer and was famous for his villainous snarl. He later appeared in such movies as The Most Dangerous Game (1932), playing Tartar, the second henchman of Count Zarrof and played the Witch King in King Kong (1933) and its sequel Son of Kong (1933).

2. What could we know about Steve Clemente besides his height ?

After his last movie, Perils of Nyoka (1942), he retired from the acting scene. On May 7, 1950, he died from a cerebral hemorrhage.

3. What are the projects of Steve Clemente ?


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Height Steve Clemente