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height Stephen Cone

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1. Where did Stephen Cone come from ?

Cone was born in Louisville, Kentucky, and raised in South Carolina. He moved to Chicago in 2004 and, in his words, taught himself to make movies “by making movies.”

2. What could we know about Stephen Cone besides his height ?

In 2006, Cone wrote, produced, and directed his first short movie Church Story with actors Isabel Liss, Bill McGough, and Arian Moayed. In 2007, Cone followed with the short movie Young Wives. His medium-length movie, a metaphysical drama which name is The Christians, was completed in 2008 and featured performances by J. Kingsford Goode, Bill McGough, Arian Moayed, Sadie Rogers, Laurel Schroeder, Krissy Shields, and Robert Belushi, oldest son of actor Jim Belushi.

3. What are the projects of Stephen Cone ?

4. Somme collaborations with Stephen Cone ?

I had had almost zero success or exposure up to that point. In Memoriam was bombing with festival programmers. I, to this day, do not know why he reviewed that movie, and I can’t believe he actually liked it. (I’m too hard on that movie, I think.) I’m not sure I would’ve kept going without a) those Ebert reviews, and b) programmer Kim Yutani programming The Wise Kids at Outfest.


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Height Stephen Cone