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1. Where did Sergio Carlo come from ?

He was born Sergio Carlo in Santiago, Dominican Republic to Octavio Carlo and Laura de Carlo, the youngest child with five sisters and three brothers. At the age of 16 he moved to Boston, Massachusetts to pursue his studies in television and radio broadcasting. While in Boston he also participated in infomercials for Geovision and performed in independent student movies. He was also a voiceover talent at ESPN.

2. What could we know about Sergio Carlo besides his height ?

Little is known about this “Don Juan”, he has kept his relationship status very secretive up until he met Gabby. In 2015 his sister Maria Christina Carlo met Gabriela Arriaza. They met in April 2015, by September 27, 2015 they were engaged. On December 28, 2015 in a private ceremony they were married before close friends and family and then again on January 23, 2016 they were married in front of all of their friends not once but twice. The event was a countrywide phenomenon. The guest list included some of the creme de la creme of Dominican actors and personalities. Their wedding video has been viewed over a million times.

3. What are the projects of Sergio Carlo ?

His first recognition as an actor was in the theater productions of Grease and Saturday Night Fever in the Dominican Republic. He later went on to act in various television series, such as ParaĂ­so in 2002 and the movie Cuban Blood with Mexican actor Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal.

4. Somme collaborations with Sergio Carlo ?

In 2005, he performed in three major movies. La Fiesta del Chivo (The Feast of the Goat), based out of a book by the same name. La MaldiciĂłn del padre Cardona (The Curse of Father Cardona) in which he plays the lover of Hollywood actress Zoe Saldana (Avatar, Star Trek, Vantage Point, Pirates of the Caribbean), and Andy GarcĂ­a’s movie The Lost City as Carbo.

In 2007 he performed in TrĂłpico a VenevisiĂłn Productions soap opera alongside actor Jose Luis Rodriguez (el Puma).

In 2010 he acted in TrĂłpico de Sangre a movie directed by Juan Delancer, in which he played Manolo Tavarez, husband of Hollywood actress Michelle Rodriguez. Rodriguez played the lead act of Minerva Mirabal, based out of The Mirabal Sisters true story.

Sergio Carlo is also a regular co-host in Chévere Nights a television entertainment news show in Dominican Republic. He is also the host of 12 y 2, a nationally syndicated top 40, independent music and talk radio show that airs on 91fm.

Sergio Carlo is an ambassador of Yo Nado con Marcos (also known as Swim Across the Continents) part of the Millennium Development Goals initiative supported by the United Nations. The organization’s objective is to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, to promote education, equality, health and economic development among other world issues. Also, in his native country, Sergio Carlo organizes various food bank drives which he promotes to recruit volunteers through his Twitter.


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Height Sergio Carlo