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1. Where did Sam Steiger come from ?

Steiger was born March 10, 1929 in New York City to Lewis and Rebecca (Klein) Steiger. He was educated in local schools before attending college. His first trip to Arizona occurred at age 14 when he visited a dude ranch. Steiger attended Cornell University before graduating in 1950 with a Bachelor of Science from Colorado A&M.

2. What could we know about Sam Steiger besides his height ?

Following college, Steiger was commissioned into the United States Army. Serving during the Korean War as a tank platoon leader, he was awarded the Silver Star and the Purple Heart for his actions. After leaving the army, Steiger settled in Prescott, Arizona.

3. What are the projects of Sam Steiger ?

Steiger married his first wife, Cynthia Jean Gardner, in 1954. The couple had three children: twins Lewis and Gail in April 1956, followed by Delia Rebecca in May 1959. His first marriage would end in divorce, as would Steiger’s marriage to his second wife, Lynda, in January 1979.

4. Somme collaborations with Sam Steiger ?

In 1959, Steiger entered politics on a wager. While working as a ranch hand in Springerville, he and several friends observed that Yavapai County had never elected a Republican representative. Steiger theorized that this was because the right Republican had not yet run for office. His friends challenged him to run for office and in 1960 Steiger was elected to the Arizona State Senate. While a freshman senator he wrote a column claiming that other members of the legislature had sold their votes for money and challenged senate leaders over perceived backroom deals. Steiger also likened himself to a tiger and used a black and orange motif on his campaign signs.

After two terms in the statehouse, in 1964, Steiger ran against incumbent George F. Senner, Jr. for Arizona’s 3rd district seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. He was endorsed by all the newspapers within the district, with the Arizona Republic saying “Sam is independent, friendly, quick-witted, very out-spoken, crazy over horses, and wears an infectious smile”. Despite these endorsements, Steiger lost a close election. He then served as a correspondent on the Vietnam War before making a second run for the congressional seat in 1966. Benefiting from a mid-decade reapportionment which pushed the district into a heavily Republican section of Maricopa County, near Phoenix, as well as Democratic voters defecting to other party candidates, Stieger defeated Senner on his second attempt.

As a congressman, Steiger continued his outspoken ways. During his first term he delivered a speech from the floor of the House claiming it is “an irrefutable fact of life that the elected official is regarded by those who elect him as capable of the most flagrant dishonor,” and calling for a “code of ethics” which included “full disclosure of assets, liabilities, honorariums, etc., by members, their spouses, and staff members.” Steiger would later claim a number of his colleagues were frequently drunk and that “there are members of Congress you wouldn’t hire to wheel a wheelbarrow.”


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