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1. Where did Russell Collins come from ?

Born in 1897 in Indianapolis, Indiana, Russell Collins was the middle child of Emma (nĂ©e Hughes) and Martin F. Collins’ five children. He had a younger brother and sister, Raymond and Maxina, as well as an older brother and sister, Oren and Irene. By 1910, Russell’s father had become disabled and jobless, so his mother supported him and the rest of the family by working as a seamstress from their home. Emma’s responsibilities for the family were so predominant, in fact, that she is identified in the 1910 United States Census as “Head” of the Collins’ household.

2. What could we know about Russell Collins besides his height ?

As a student in the Drama School at Carnegie Tech, Collins “first learned his trade in the days immediately following World War I.” He also attended Indiana University and Northwestern University.

3. What are the projects of Russell Collins ?

Collins had acts in a few early Group Theatre productions with Success Story being his Broadway start. Probably his most noted Broadway act was as the star of the 1935 musical play Johnny Johnson. He enjoyed a long career on Broadway, although by the late 1940s, he began to perform increasingly in Hollywood movies and on television, where he appeared in teleplay dramas, as well as on Westerns, sitcoms, and on an array of other weekly series. He remained in high demand as a character actor and worked on television to shortly before his death. His 1957 appearance in the Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode “The Night the World Ended” was a typical TV act.

4. Somme collaborations with Russell Collins ?

He played Doc in the 1950 London production of Mr. Roberts at the Coliseum Theatre with


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Height Russell Collins