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1. Where did Robert Coogan come from ?

Robert Coogan was born in Glendale, California, to parents Jack Coogan Sr. and Lillian Coogan. His older brother was Jackie Coogan, perhaps Hollywood’s most famous child star of the 1920s. Coogan’s only child is Jonathan Coogan. Coogan’s nephew is stereographer and 3D producer Anthony Coogan and his grand-nephew Keith Coogan is also an actor.

2. What could we know about Robert Coogan besides his height ?

Starting as a child actor, Robert Coogan made his movie start as Sooky in Skippy (1931), a comedy-drama family movie which was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture. He also reprised the act of Sooky in its sequel Sooky (1931). In addition to his appearance in Skippy, Coogan appeared in over one dozen other movies and made one appearance in a television production. Coogan continued acting in adulthood, but only with minor success. He also portrayed the act of Humphrey Pennyworth in the Joe Palooka B-movies.

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Height Robert Coogan