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1. Where did Richard Carle come from ?

Richard Carle (he is born in Charles Nicholas Carleton, July 7, 1871 – June 28, 1941) was an American stage and movie actor as well as a playwright and stage director. He appeared in 132 movies between 1915 and 1941.

2. What could we know about Richard Carle besides his height ?

Carle was born in Somerville, Massachusetts. He was on the stage for many years, appearing in important acts in London, New York and Chicago including as J. Offenbach Gaggs in The Casino Girl (1900) and Algy Cuffs in The Belle of Bohemia in London in 1901 before making his screen start. In 1941 he died in North Hollywood, California from a heart attack.

3. What are the projects of Richard Carle ?


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Height Richard Carle