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1. Where did Ranjit Chowdhry come from ?

Ranjit Chowdhry (19 September 1955 – 15 April 2020) was an Indian character actor, known for his acts in television, movies, and theatre. He appeared in two episodes of The Office, as Vikram, a telemarketer who worked with Michael, and was briefly hired for The Michael Scott Paper Company.

2. What could we know about Ranjit Chowdhry besides his height ?

For his act as Rocky in Deepa Mehta’s 2002 movie Bollywood/Hollywood, he was nominated for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role at the 23rd Genie Awards His other most noted act was in Last Holiday (2006), starring Queen Latifah.

3. What are the projects of Ranjit Chowdhry ?

Ranjit was born and raised in Mumbai in a family with a theatre background, where he received his early education at Campion School, Mumbai, and started his acting career. His father is from a Gujjar background, while his mother, Pearl Padamsee, was of partial Jewish descent on her mother’s side, but remained Christian during her life. He made his movie start in Basu Chatterjee’s Khatta Meetha, following which he played prominent parts in Bollywood comedy classics such as Basu Chatterjee’s Baton Baton Mein (1979) and Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s Khubsoorat (1980). Thereafter, he moved to the United States in the early 1980s. He wrote the screenplay and acted in Sam & Me (directed by Deepa Mehta), which won an honorable mention at Cannes in 1991.

4. Somme collaborations with Ranjit Chowdhry ?

He was a guest star in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and had appeared in two seasons of The Office and Prison Break.

Sanjay Gupta, who worked with Chowdhry on the Kaante, tweeted that his performances were a joy and “KHATTA MEETHA is my favourite.”

His mother, Pearl Padamsee, was a well-known theatre personality, drama teacher and actress on stage and movie. His stepfather, Alyque Padamsee, was a theatre actor and director who also headed an advertising company in Mumbai. He had one older sister named Rohini (c. 1951 – 26 September 1961), who died from nephritis.

Chowdhry was admitted into Breach Candy Hospital, in Mumbai, on 14 April 2020 for a ruptured ulcer in the intestine, and underwent emergency surgery. He died on 15 April 2020. He was in Mumbai for a dental procedure, and was delayed there due to the spread of COVID-19.


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