Height of Peter Chong (actor)

height Peter Chong (actor)

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The height of Peter Chong (actor) is …m.

1. Where did Peter Chong (actor) come from ?

Chong was born in 1898, most likely in New Jersey. He went to Oberlin College; he eventually earned a master’s degree and a PhD.

2. What could we know about Peter Chong (actor) besides his height ?

He appeared in a number of Broadway productions and had a vaudeville act before going to Hollywood to work in movie. When he arrived in Los Angeles, he was under contract at Warner Brothers. He also worked part-time as an interpreter for the Los Angeles Police Department. For much of his career, he was cast in Japanese, Indonesian, and Hawaiian acts — he didn’t play a Chinese act until 1953.

3. What are the projects of Peter Chong (actor) ?

He and his first wife, Ah He “Soo” Young, had a vaudeville act together. His second marriage was to Eileen Loh, a schoolteacher; they had a daughter together named Molly.

4. Somme collaborations with Peter Chong (actor) ?


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Height Peter Chong (actor)