Height of Paul Butcher (actor)

height Paul Butcher (actor)

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The height of Paul Butcher (actor) is …m.

1. Where did Paul Butcher (actor) come from ?

Paul Butcher is best known for playing the act of Dustin Brooks, younger brother of Zoey Brooks, in the four seasons of the TV show Zoey 101. He has had guest and other minor acts for a number of movies and TV shows, one of the most notable acts being a guest star in the Season 5 Premiere of Criminal Minds. He also played the act of young Walter in the 2007 movie The Number 23. He made his acting start at age 7 on a 2001 episode of The Bernie Mac Show. At the age of 5, Paul appeared in the Rascal Flatts music video Prayin’ for Daylight. He also was an extra in four sketches on Chappelle’s Show.

2. What could we know about Paul Butcher (actor) besides his height ?

In 2008, Butcher made two cover versions of the songs “Gimme That” by Chris Brown and “This Love” by Maroon 5. Butcher released his start single, “Don’t Go”, in July 2010. He released a song in January 2015 which name is “Stop Calling”.

3. What are the projects of Paul Butcher (actor) ?

In June 2012, he graduated from Oaks Christian School. He later graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles, where he was an active member of the Alpha Rho chapter of the fraternity Zeta Beta Tau.

4. Somme collaborations with Paul Butcher (actor) ?


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Height Paul Butcher (actor)