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1. Where did Patrick Cavanaugh come from ?

Cavanaugh was an only child who grew up in Vallejo, California; his parents split when he was young. Cavanaugh started performing as a child and did a Young Actor’s Workshop at a local community college. Cavanaugh attended Diablo Valley College before transferring to Arizona State University (ASU), where he majored in theatre. Cavanaugh was on the ASU improv team.

2. What could we know about Patrick Cavanaugh besides his height ?

Cavanaugh is a faculty member of John Rosenfeld Studios in West Hollywood.

3. What are the projects of Patrick Cavanaugh ?

Cavanaugh played Pete in the movie National Lampoon Presents Dorm Daze, returning as one of the leads in National Lampoon’s Dorm Daze 2, as part of that movie’s goofy stoner duo of Pete and Wang (Paul H. Kim). Cavanaugh had the recurring act of “Smitty Smith”, a young, aspiring copywriter, on AMC’s critically acclaimed Mad Men and played in the Horror comedy movie Transylmania. He also provided the voice for the character Damian Wayne in the animated television series, Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

4. Somme collaborations with Patrick Cavanaugh ?


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Height Patrick Cavanaugh