Height of Patrick Cassidy (actor)

height Patrick Cassidy (actor)

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1. Where did Patrick Cassidy (actor) come from ?

He is the son of Shirley Jones and Jack Cassidy. Jones was pregnant with Patrick while movieing The Music Man, and he even kicked his mother’s co-star Robert Preston in one scene when they were embracing. His brothers are Ryan Cassidy and Shaun Cassidy, and his half-brother was David Cassidy. He is also the uncle of Arrow star Katie Cassidy.

2. What could we know about Patrick Cassidy (actor) besides his height ?

He is married to actress Melissa Hurley and is the father of two sons, Cole Patrick and Jack Gordon. His son Jack auditioned for the 2017 season of The Voice and picked Alicia Keys as his coach.

3. What are the projects of Patrick Cassidy (actor) ?

He decided to enter his high school’s drama program after breaking his collarbone while playing as the quarterback for his high school football team.

4. Somme collaborations with Patrick Cassidy (actor) ?

His first starring television act was in 1981 in the cautionary NBC movie Angel Dusted. Also in 1981, he co-acted in the made for TV movie Midnight Offerings as the love interest of two dueling teenage classmates who happen to be witches, played by Melissa Sue Anderson and Mary Elizabeth McDonough. In 1983, he acted in Bay City Blues as a baseball player in the minor leagues. The show was canceled after just four episodes. In 1984, Cassidy portrayed the initial love interest to Heather Langenkamp’s character in the movie Nickel Mountain.

In 1986, Cassidy played a cadet at a military academy in Dress Gray and appeared in the holiday TV movie Christmas Eve with Loretta Young.


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Height Patrick Cassidy (actor)