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1. Where did Pat Close come from ?

Patrick Tilden “Pat” Close (June 1, 1948 – February 15, 1988) was a former American child actor who later appeared in the 1967 Andy Warhol movie, Imitation of Christ.

2. What could we know about Pat Close besides his height ?

Close began his career at the age of 11 when he was discovered while appearing in a stage production of Auntie Mame in Hollywood. He made his movie start as a young Elliot Roosevelt in 1960 in the biographical movie Sunrise at Campobello. For the remainder of the decade, he guest acted on various television series. Close continued his acting career in his late teenage years from 1967 to 1970 as one of Andy Warhol’s movie stars. He played the lead act of “The Son” in the 1967 Warhol movie Imitation of Christ. There was speculation at the time that Close would have become a new James Dean if Warhol had released the movie into general distribution instead of allowing only a single premiere presentation. Other reviews, however, disagreed, saying he was “awkward” and “unprofessional.”

3. What are the projects of Pat Close ?

Close continued to work with Warhol after 1970, not so much as an actor in Warhol’s movies, but more as a contributor to such projects as Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine.

4. Somme collaborations with Pat Close ?

After 1980, he continued acting in movies, credited as Patrick Close, in minor acts for such low-budget productions as Roger Corman’s Space Raiders (1983).

On February 15, 1988, Close died of “fatty metamorphosis of the liver” at the age of 39. The coroner’s report indicated that Close’s death was due to alcoholism.


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