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1. Where did Noah Shachtman come from ?

Born to a Jewish family, Shachtman graduated from Georgetown University and attended the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

2. What could we know about Noah Shachtman besides his height ?

Prior to beginning his career in journalism, Shachtman was a campaign staffer in the Bill Clinton 1992 presidential campaign. Shachtman has contributed to The New York Times Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Wired, Slate, Salon, HuffPost, and the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. He has also appeared as a guest on MSNBC and Frontline. Shachtman was a featured speaker at the seventh Center for a New American Security Conference.

3. What are the projects of Noah Shachtman ?

As an editor at Wired, Shachtman co-founded the Danger Room blog, for which he won the 2012 National Magazine Award for reporting in digital media. Shachtman left Wired to join The Daily Beast as its new executive editor in 2014. When John Avlon left in May 2018, he was promoted to editor-in-chief.

4. Somme collaborations with Noah Shachtman ?

On February 27, 2020, it was announced former Gawker editorial director Carson Griffith is suing Shachtman, The Daily Beast, and writer Maxwell Tani, over a “defamatory and untruthful” article that “doesn’t coincide with ethical journalism practices” and contains allegations against Griffith of offensive workplace comments from former Gawker writers Maya Kosoff and Anna Breslaw. “This is a well-sourced story, with multiple sources backed up by documentary evidence,” Shachtman responded to the lawsuit, which was filed in New York County Supreme Court. “Unfortunately, Ms. Griffith’s suit isn’t nearly as solid. We stand by our reporting.” The legal complaint claims “[Maxwell] Tani never approached Ms. Griffith for comment about any of these statements prior to publication,” and that “it is clear this article, which has destroyed Ms. Griffith’s life, was never fact-checked or thoroughly reported by Mr. Tani or his editor Mr. Shachtman and no one is being held accountable for it.” On March 24th, 2020, a New York judge denied a motion by The Daily Beast, Shachtman and Maxwell Tani to dismiss Griffith’s defamation lawsuit. “This Court finds that Plaintiff has sufficiently pled a cause of action for defamation,” Justice Phillip Hom wrote in the ruling. “In accordance with the foregoing, the motion is denied in all respects. Defendants shall serve and file their answer within 30 days from today.”

Shachtman has reported from Afghanistan, Israel, Iraq, Qatar, Kuwait, The Pentagon, and the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

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Height Noah Shachtman