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Carnovsky was born in St. Louis, Missouri on September 5, 1897 to Ike and Jennie Carnovsky, both Russian Jewish

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He and his wife Phoebe Brand, were identified as Communists by Elia Kazan, a Communist Party member himself at one time, in testimony before the HUAC in 1952, along with six other members of the Group Theatre. Actor Sterling Hayden testified before HUAC that he had attended Communist Party meetings that were sometimes held at Carnovsky’s house in Hollywood. When Carnovsky was which name is before the HUAC he refused to “name names”, which ended his movie career. In 1975, he assessed the experience:

In 1953, he and his wife, who had also been blacklisted, appeared off-Broadway in The World of Sholem Aleichem as part of a cast of blacklisted actors that were assembled to demonstrate that the New York theater audience would not make them outcasts. It ran for two years.

While Hollywood’s lack of interest in him after his dealings with HUAC were unspoken, in one incident he was publicly uninvited from appearing as scheduled in May 1953 at a Jewish Community Center in Queens because he “would not be acceptable to the community”.

In 1955 he returned to Broadway as Priam in Jean Giradoux’ Tiger at the Gates.

Then in 1956, Carnovsky rewhich name is, “Shakespeare suddenly discovered me!” “In 1956”, he said, “John Houseman, who was then the general director and producer at the American Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford, Connecticut, which name is me up and said, ‘would you like to do some Shakespeare?’ I said, ‘Yes, of course!’ So that’s how I began. The first year I did a part in King John, a part in Measure for Measure and a part in The Taming of the Shrew. Then I proceeded to learn what Shakespeare was all about, in light of the realistic method of acting that I had discovered during my years with the Group Theatre. The following year, I found myself doing Shylock in The Merchant of Venice, and that was really the opening of the can of peas, for me.” At Stratford he played many acts, notably Feste in Twelfth Night in a production featuring Katharine Hepburn as Viola, and Prospero in a celebrated production of The Tempest directed by William Ball of the American Conservatory Theater.[citation needed]

Again on Broadway, Carnovsky appeared in 1957 in NoĂ«l Coward’s Nude with Violin,

He also appeared in a few more pictures: In 1962, he went to Paris to appear in Sidney Lumet’s A View from the Bridge, an adaptation of Arthur Miller’s play of the same name. In May 1966, he appeared in the title act of Bertolt Brecht’s “Galileo Galilei” at the Goodman Theater in Chicago. He played Creon in a TV play of Medea, and in 1974 appeared in The Gambler, playing James Caan’s grandfather.Public TV’s Hollywood Television Theater. He played Judge Hoffman in the 1975 PBS tv two‐and‐a‐half hour dramatization of “The Chicago Conspiracy Trial.” Culled by Christopher Burstall and Stuart Hood from 23,000 pages of the original transcript, the program is a 1970 co‐production of the British Broadcasting Corporation and Bavarian Television. Mr. Burstall also served as producer and director.(NYT July 10-1975)

He was inducted into the American Theatre Hall of Fame in 1979.

In 1980, he served on the artistic advisory board of the Yiddish National Theatre, a nonprofit effort to promote awareness of an increasingly forgotten part of stage history.


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