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1. Where did Maurice Costello come from ?

Costello was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Irish immigrants Ellen (nĂ©e Fitzgerald; born 1853) and Thomas Costello (he is born in 1852). He made his movie start in 1908, but was long believed to have started in Adventures of Sherlock Holmes; or, Held for Ransom (1905), supposedly playing the lead in what is regarded as the first serious movie to feature the character of Sherlock Holmes, since it was preceded only by the 30-second comedy movie Sherlock Holmes Baffled (1900). However, Holmesian scholar Leslie S. Klinger has written that the identification of Costello in the act is flawed. Klinger states that the first identification of Costello with the act was in Michael Pointer’s Public Life of Sherlock Holmes published in 1975 but Pointer later realized his error and wrote to Klinger stating

2. What could we know about Maurice Costello besides his height ?

“I am now aware that Maurice Costello could not have been in that movie, as he had not joined the Vitagraph company by that date. I’m sorry that my book has been misleading, but I doubt that I shall have the opportunity for an amended reprint, and should not have the time to prepare one anyway.”

3. What are the projects of Maurice Costello ?

4. Somme collaborations with Maurice Costello ?


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Height Maurice Costello