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height Mary Ellen Tracy

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1. Where did Mary Ellen Tracy come from ?

According to Mary Ellen and Wilbur Tracy, the couple – both former devout and dedicated Mormons – created and founded the Modern Egyptian neo-pagan Church of the Most High Goddess following a divine revelation received at an oceanside cottage in Santa Monica, California in the year 1984. In testimony later given in a Los Angeles superior court, Wilbur Tracy described “a brilliant light,” through which “knowledge was being poured in without voice.” Tracy further claimed that God appeared to him as an old man, with flowing white beard and long white hair.

2. What could we know about Mary Ellen Tracy besides his height ?

On April 24, 1984, in broad daylight, I had a revelation that changed my life and the way I perceive the world and others. However, because I was blinded by the ignorance of the modern education, which I foolishly accepted as knowledge, I did not immediately understand the full impact of the revelation. I failed to understand that the mind can perceive only what the mind can conceive. What I experienced was beyond my conception, while my perception was completely distorted by what I had been taught was enlightenment. It was only when I set aside my prejudices – those beliefs which I had been conditioned to accept as fact, but which were in fact false – that I began to understand the experience.

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Height Mary Ellen Tracy