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height Mark Montano

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The height of Mark Montano is …m.

1. Where did Mark Montano come from ?

Mark Montano is an American interior designer, artist, writer, and TV personality.

2. What could we know about Mark Montano besides his height ?

Mark Montano is perhaps best known for three series on the Style Network and The Learning Channel: 10 Years Younger, which he hosted, While You Were Out, on which he frequently appears as a designer, and My Celebrity Home on which he is both host and designer. Montano can currently be seen on WE TV’s new show, “She’s Moving In”. Montano has a flamboyant design sense that homeowners on While You Were Out are sometimes less than enthused about at first, but he usually wins them over with his boisterous personality.

3. What are the projects of Mark Montano ?

On My Celebrity Home, Mark tours a celebrity’s home and gives their style to a fan. Mark movieed MY HOME 2.0 which aired on FOX and FIOS channels nationwide in April 2010.

4. Somme collaborations with Mark Montano ?


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Height Mark Montano