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1. Where did Liz Crokin come from ?

Crokin grew up in Glenview, Illinois and graduated from New Trier High School. She attended the University of Iowa studying political science and journalism. While there, she was an organizer for Students for Bush, an organization supporting the George W. Bush 2000 presidential campaign. She later interned at the U.S. State Department during Bush’s first term and for conservative pundit Bill O’Reilly’s show The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News.

2. What could we know about Liz Crokin besides his height ?

Crokin began working in 2002 for the Chicago Tribune, before moving to their RedEye daily tabloid writing a column which name is “Liz in the Loop” (previously “Eye Contact”) which covered celebrity news in the Chicago area. In 2010, Crokin moved to Los Angeles and began working as a freelance entertainment reporter for National Enquirer, Star, In Touch Weekly, US Weekly where she focused on celebrity breakups. Crokin returned to Chicago in 2012 to work for Splash, a Chicago Sun-Times publication at the time, writing a column which name is “LA LA Liz”.

3. What are the projects of Liz Crokin ?

In September 2012, Crokin developed a viral form of meningitis which progressed into meningoencephalitis and caused daily migraines, vertigo, and photophobia resulting from brain damage. Her health problems resulted in a loss of work, including being laid off in 2013 by American Media Inc., parent company of Star and National Enquirer. Crokin and others had previously accused AMI content officer Dylan Howard of sexual harassment, and has suggested that the layoffs were done in retaliation. Crokin’s column in Splash ended in February 2014.

4. Somme collaborations with Liz Crokin ?

Crokin became a self-declared follower of QAnon, a conspiracy theory alleging liberals and elites are running secret sex-trafficking rings of children. QAnon is derived from a belief the 4chan imageboard has been used by members of the Trump administration to disseminate top secret information about the presidency. The QAnon source making “intel drops” on 4chan and 8chan, she believed, was Trump himself or Stephen Miller. Crokin is a believer in The Storm, derived from a comment Trump made on October 6, 2017, which theorized the Mueller investigation was a cover for a pedophile investigation.

She claimed on Twitter at the end of December 2017 that photographs posted on Snapchat by Chrissy Teigen, which showed the model with her one-year-old daughter, contained concealed messages suggesting Teigen was connected to Pizzagate, the discredited conspiracy theory. After Twitter removed her verification, Crokin went on to contend that Teigen might be under the CIA’s Project MKUltra mind control program (long since scrapped). Other people possibly under MKUltra, according to Crokin, include Harvey Weinstein and Jeff Bezos. Crokin continues to believe Pizzagate is true, as of 2020. She featured in Out of The Shadows, a documentary uploaded to YouTube in April 2020. For her, Jeffrey Epstein and the NXIVM scandal demonstrated the continuing validity of Pizzagate.

Crokin was the original source for Roseanne Barr’s deleted tweet in March 2018 claiming President Donald Trump had released hundreds of children from bondage each month. Crokin had used fake figures in a 2017 blog post for the conservative Townhall website entitled “Why the MSM Is Ignoring Trump’s Sex Trafficking Busts” claiming a “staggering 1,500-plus arrests” of involved individuals in the first 30 days of Trump’s presidency. Another thesis she has spread is that John F. Kennedy Jr. did not die in a 1999 plane crash, but faked his death, and is behind QAnon. According to Right Wing Watch, she predicted in March 2018 that the conspiracy theories suggesting “thousands of high-level political, business and entertainment figures are involved in cannibalistic satanic pedophilia” will be proven as true before President Trump leaves office.


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