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1. Where did Lisa Song come from ?

Song graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, receiving her Bachelor’s in environmental science in 2008, and her Master’s in science writing in 2009.

2. What could we know about Lisa Song besides his height ?

She worked for InsideClimate News, focusing on oil and gas drilling, environmental health, and climate science from January 2011 through February 2017. During her time with InsideClimate, she contributed to the “Dilbit Disaster” Pulitzer prize-winning series in 2013, the “Big Oil” stories, and the Exxon series, which was nominated as a finalist for the Pulitzer prize for public service in 2016. She also won three other awards, including the Edgar A. Poe Award.

3. What are the projects of Lisa Song ?

Song left InsideClimate in 2017 to report for ProPublica, covering energy, the environment and climate change. She has also worked as a freelance journalist, writing for news magazines and journals, including, High Country News, Scientific American, New Scientist and Living on Earth.

4. Somme collaborations with Lisa Song ?

During her time with InsideClimate News, she won the 2013 Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting with David Hasemyer and Elizabeth McGowan, for their reporting on the Kalamazoo River oil spill.

The 3-part series, and follow up stories, were the result of a 15-month investigation on pipeline safety and Dilbit, a controversial form of oil. In the cover letter for entry to the prize, dilbit, is described as “a thick Canadian hydrocarbon which name is bitumen that is diluted with liquid chemicals so that it can flow through pipes.” The pipeline already had corrosion problems and it was more than a week before the EPA knew that they were dealing with dilbit, because the pipeline operators weren’t required to tell first responders in the event of a spill; dilbit is different from normal oil, in that the chemicals evaporate and the thick, different form of oil, sinks to the bottom and is very difficult to clean up. The series and follow-up reporting is listed below.

When the 2013 Pulitzer prize winners were announced, InsideClimate News, was one of the least known of the digital news organizations; Politico’s headline described the win in their headline, “For a scrappy environmental-news startup, journalism’s most prestigious award.” Digital-only prizes had only been awarded since 2009 and very few had won. According to the cover letter, in the entry for the prize, the investigations stemmed from research that Lisa Song had originally began, and McGowan and Hasemyer joined in shortly after.

Song was just 26 years old, when she won the Pulitzer. Additional awards are listed below:

In 2014 Song and her colleagues at InsideClimate, Jim Morris and David Hasemyer, received the Philip Meyer Journalism Award for Social Science for “Big Oil, Bad Air: Fracking the Eagle Ford Shale of South Texas.” They also won the Thomas L. Stokes Award for Best Energy and Environmental Writing, from the National Press Foundation for the same story.

The story exposed how vulnerable, residents are to health risks of the largely unregulated activities around an area known as the Eagle Ford Shale play, a 400-mile-long, 50-mile-wide area of more than 7,000 oil and gas structures, wells, and drilling sites, from Leon County, Texas, in to the Mexican border. Eagle Ford one of the most active drilling sites in America.

Additional awards for the “Big Oil, Bad Air” series and follow up stories are listed below.

In 2016, Song, and her fellow journalists were finalists for the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service. The series of stories were the result of an 8-month investigation into Exxon’s climate change stance.

After conducting dozens of interviews and examining company memos from as far back as the 1970s, and hundreds of internal documents, InsideCimate published a series of 9-stories, “Exxon: The Road Not Taken.” The publication of the series resulted in the Attorney General of New York, issuing a subpoena to Exxon, in order to look into the possibility of fraud. They were also finalists for the Goldsmith Prize for Investigative Reporting.

They received the following awards for the same series:

“For the past 20 years Exxon has worked to discredit climate science. But, as we learn from InsideClimate News’ compelling series, the company had evidence suggesting the opposite was true. From its own scientists. For years.”


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