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1. Where did LeVar Burton come from ?

Levardis Robert Martyn Burton Jr. (he is born in February 16, 1957) is an actor from the United-States ( ???????? ), director, and children’s television host. The large public knows LeVar Burton for his act as Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge in Star Trek: The Next Generation, his act as Kunta Kinte in the ABC miniseries Roots (1977), and as host of Reading Rainbow for 23 years.

2. What could we know about LeVar Burton besides his height ?

Levardis Robert Martyn Burton Jr. was born in Landstuhl, West Germany. His mother, Erma Gene (née Christian), was a social worker, administrator, and educator, while his father and namesake was a photographer for the U.S. Army Signal Corps at the time he was stationed at Landstuhl. Burton and his two sisters were raised by his mother in Sacramento, California.

3. What are the projects of LeVar Burton ?

As a teen, Burton, who was raised Roman Catholic, entered St. Pius X Minor Seminary in Galt, California, intending to become a priest. At 17, questioning the Catholic faith, he changed his vocation to acting, and at 19, while an undergraduate at the University of Southern California, he won a starring act in the 1977 television miniseries Roots.

4. Somme collaborations with LeVar Burton ?

Burton made his acting start in 1976 with Almos’ a Man, a movie based on the Richard Wright short story “The Man Who Was Almost a Man,” in which he stars alongside Madge Sinclair.

Burton’s breakthrough act was as the young Kunta Kinte in the ABC miniseries Roots (1977), based on the novel of the same name by Alex Haley. Burton has described his first day playing Kunta as the start of his professional career. As a result of his performance, he was nominated for an Emmy in the Outstanding Lead Actor for a Single Appearance in a Drama or Comedy Series category.

He reprised the act of Kunta Kinte in the 1988 television movie Roots: The Gift. When asked about the societal influence of Roots, Burton is quoted as saying, “It expanded the consciousness of people. Blacks and whites began to see each other as human beings, not as stereotypes. And if you throw a pebble into the pond, you’re going to get ripples. I think the only constant is change, and it’s always slow. Anything that happens overnight is lacking in foundation. Roots is part of a changing trend, and it’s still being played out.”

Burton was the host and executive producer of Reading Rainbow starting in 1983 for PBS. The series ran for 23 seasons.

After Reading Rainbow went off the air in 2006, Burton and his business partner, Mark Wolfe, acquired the global rights to the brand and formed RRKIDZ, a new media company for children. Reading Rainbow was reimagined as an all new application for the iPad in 2012, and was an immediate success, becoming the number-one educational application within 36 hours. At RRKIDZ, Burton serves as co-founder and curator-in-chief, ensuring that the projects produced under the banner meet the high expectations and trust of the Reading Rainbow brand.

On May 28, 2014, Burton and numerous coworkers from other past works started a Kickstarter campaign project to bring back Reading Rainbow. To keep with the changing formats to which young children are exposed, his efforts are being directed at making this new program web based, following the success of the tablet application he helped create in recent years. His desire is to have the new Reading Rainbow be integrated into the classrooms of elementary schools across the country, and for schools in need to have free access. The Kickstarter campaign has since raised over $5 million, reaching triple its goal in only three days.

In 2017, LeVar Burton was sued by the public broadcasting company WNED-TV for alleged copyright infringement for use of the Reading Rainbow brand in marketing the new iPad app and other online media. RRKIDZ later became known as LeVar Burton Kids and the iPad app, Skybrary.

In 1986, Gene Roddenberry approached Burton with the act of the then Lieutenant Junior Grade Geordi La Forge in the Star Trek: The Next Generation television series. The character is blind but is granted “sight” through the use of a prosthetic device which name is a VISOR worn over his eyes. La Forge started out serving as the USS Enterprise’s helmsman, and as of the show’s second season, had become its chief engineer. At the time, Burton was considerably better known than Patrick Stewart in the United States, due to his acts in Roots and Reading Rainbow. When the show premiered, the Associated Press stated that Burton’s act was essentially the “new Spock.” In a 2019 interview, Burton laughed in disbelief at the idea, stating “that speculation never came to fruition.”

Burton also portrayed La Forge in the subsequent feature movies based on Star Trek: The Next Generation, from Star Trek Generations (1994) to Star Trek: Nemesis (2002).

He directed two episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation and several episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, and Star Trek: Enterprise.

Burton played a act as a visitor to Fantasy Island, was a participant in Battle of the Network Stars, a guest of the Muppet Show’s televised premiere party for the release of The Muppet Movie, and a frequent guest on several game shows.

In 1986, he appeared in the music video for the song “Word Up!” by the funk/R&B group Cameo.

In 1987, Burton played Dave Robinson, a journalist (sports writer), in the third season of Murder, She Wrote, episode 16 – “Death Takes a Dive”, starring Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher.

Burton accepted an invitation to host Rebop, a multicultural series designed for young people ages 9–15, produced by WGBH for PBS.

On television, Burton has helped dramatize the last days of Jim Jones’s suicide cult in Guyana, the life and times of Jesse Owens, and the life of the nine-year-old Booker T. Washington. He portrayed Martin Luther King Jr. in the 2001 movie Ali. He also portrayed Detroit Tiger Ron LeFlore in the television movie One in a Million, The Ron LeFlore Story.

In 1992, a clip of Burton’s voice was sampled by DC Talk for the track “Time is…” on their album Free at Last. The sample is at the very end of the song, in which Burton can be heard saying: “Whoa, wait a minute.”


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