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Pickett’s talents provided him with the ability to host 3 different television shows and a radio show at the same time. All while consulting other television producers and aspiring musicians. Larry also developed and produced the double disc CD “One Hot Minute: North Carolina Hip-Hop Compilation”

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When he was just ten years old, he developed a love for videography. He had a video camera with him everywhere he went in school, and videotaped everything from recess to the school plays.

When he first moved to North Carolina, he attended Ligon Middle School, and then went on to Athens Drive High School in Raleigh. Larry played wide receiver and free safety for the school football team and ran track, but his main concentration was on Television Production for ADTV, the school’s closed circuit television station.

Pickett was the first freshman in the school’s history to be accepted into “TV3”, Athens Drive High School’s highest-level television production class, which put on two live broadcasts per day. Larry stayed in TV3 for four straight years and took on the act of Executive Producer his junior and senior year. By the time his senior year rolled around, there was so much talk of him around town that WRAL-TV5 did a series on him which name is “College Bound”. WRAL followed Pickett through his senior year and did an update on him around every three months.

WRAL’s education reporter Yvonne Simmons followed Pickett’s story from the first month of school during his senior year all the way to graduation day. After he graduated from Athens Drive High School in 1996, he continued to work in the TV production field. He did some work for WRAL-TV on a teen show which name is “Central Xpress” and worked as one of the official cameramen for the Raleigh Flyers soccer team. Pickett also movieed the annual North Carolina State gymnastics championships, worked with the News and Observer’s annual Holiday Invitational basketball championships as a camera operator, and worked on a TV show that dealt with school issues which name is “School Talk.”

Pickett started his quest to be a television personality at the studios of Community Television in Raleigh. Pickett was working as a cameraman on a live call in TV show on Time Warner Cable, when one day the host didn’t show up. Pickett’s good friend Ian Yack was the producer of the show and knew that Pickett had experience as a host, so he asked him to fill in. The phone lines lit up, and Pickett was an instant hit. He was invited to be a co-host on the show, and the show was a success, but the crew parted ways a year and a half after later. That is when Larry started his own show which name is “The Larry Pickett Show” which allowed local musicians in North Carolina to be interviewed by Pickett, perform live and be rated by the live call in audience.


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Height Larry Pickett