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1. Where did Lane Caudell come from ?

Caudell currently works as a music publisher for Cauley Music Group in Nashville, Tennessee. He is the father of actor-musician Lane Toran.

2. What could we know about Lane Caudell besides his height ?

Caudell had acts several minor movies for the teenage market in the 1970s, including the lead act in the musical movie Hanging on a Star, in which “a big rubbery Lane Caudell arises on a swampy stage and sings in a bubblingly oily voice.” Caudell had the starring act in The Archer, a fantasy with swords and sorcerers. Caudell’s character, Toran of the Hawk Clan, has been framed for the murder of his father, Chief Brakus.

3. What are the projects of Lane Caudell ?

Hal Erickson praised his performance in Goodbye, Franklin High.”

4. Somme collaborations with Lane Caudell ?

In her 1987 memoir Confessions of a Groupie: I’m with the Band, Pamela Des Barres describes Caudell as having given up show business, “after playing a caveman in a TV movie and a brief stint on Days of Our Lives.”


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Height Lane Caudell