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1. Where did Kyle Kulinski come from ?

Kyle Edward Kulinski (he is born in January 31, 1988) is an American political commentator. Kulinski is the host and producer of The Kyle Kulinski Show on his YouTube channel Secular Talk, an affiliate of The Young Turks network.

2. What could we know about Kyle Kulinski besides his height ?

A self-described left-wing populist and social democrat, Kulinski is a co-founder of the Justice Democrats, a progressive political action committee whose candidates refuse donations from corporate PACs.

3. What are the projects of Kyle Kulinski ?

Kulinski started a YouTube channel in spring 2008, named “Secular Talk”, while studying as a political science student.

4. Somme collaborations with Kyle Kulinski ?

Disillusioned with the end of President Obama’s first term, Kulinski began publishing videos full-time, and started broadcasting on BlogTalkRadio as The Kyle Kulinski Show. This surge in activity pushed his YouTube subscriber count above 100,000. By 2015, Kulinski was making a living from Secular Talk.

As of March 2021, his channel had 958,000 subscribers.

He spends a lot of time studying all the major issues so he can give a complete breakdown of everything for his audience. Kyle is very intelligent and he can dissect political policy in a very smart manner that is easy to understand.


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Height Kyle Kulinski