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1. Where did Kirk Cameron come from ?

Kirk Thomas Cameron (he is born in October 12, 1970) is an actor from the United-States ( ???????? ). He is known for his act as Mike Seaver on the ABC sitcom Growing Pains (1985–1992), a act for which he was nominated for two Golden Globe Awards.

2. What could we know about Kirk Cameron besides his height ?

As a child actor, Cameron made several other television and movie appearances through the 1980s and 1990s, including the movies Like Father Like Son (1987) and Listen to Me (1989). In the 2000s, he portrayed Cameron “Buck” Williams in the Left Behind movie series and Caleb Holt in the drama movie Fireproof (2008). His 2014 movie, Saving Christmas, was panned by critics and peaked the IMDb Bottom 100 List within one month of its theatrical release.

3. What are the projects of Kirk Cameron ?

Cameron is also an active Evangelical Christian who partners with Ray Comfort in the evangelical ministry The Way of the Master and has co-founded The Firefly Foundation with his wife, actress Chelsea Noble.

4. Somme collaborations with Kirk Cameron ?

Cameron was born in Panorama City, California, a suburb of Los Angeles. His parents are Barbara (nĂ©e Bausmith) and Robert Cameron, a retired schoolteacher. He has three sisters: Bridgette, Melissa, and actress Candace Cameron Bure, who is most notable for her act as D.J. Tanner on the television sitcom, Full House. He went to school on the set of Growing Pains, as opposed to a “normal” public or private school with many other students. However, he went to some classes during production breaks and graduated with the class of 1988 at Chatsworth High School with honors.

Cameron began acting at age nine, and his first job was in an advertisement for a breakfast cereal.[failed verification] His first starring act was at age 13, in the television series Two Marriages. At this age, he appeared in several television shows and movies. He became famous in 1985 after being cast as Mike Seaver in the ABC television sitcom Growing Pains. In the series, Mike would eventually have a girlfriend named Kate MacDonald, played by Chelsea Noble, Cameron’s future wife. Cameron subsequently became a teen heartthrob in the late 1980s, while appearing on the covers of several teen magazines, including Tiger Beat, Teen Beat, 16 and others. At the time, he was making $50,000 a week. He was also in a 60-second Pepsi commercial during Super Bowl XXIV.

Cameron also guest-acted in the 1988 Full House episode “Just One of the Guys”, in which he played the cousin of D.J. Tanner, the act played by Cameron’s sister, Candace.

Cameron went on to star in many movies, including the 1987’s Like Father Like Son (a body-switch comedy with Dudley Moore), which was a box office success. His next theatrical movie, 1989’s Listen to Me, performed poorly at the box office. When Growing Pains ended in 1992, Cameron went on to star in The WB sitcom Kirk which premiered in 1995 and ended two years later. In Kirk, Cameron played Kirk Hartman, a 24-year-old who has to raise his siblings. Cameron and Noble also worked together on Kirk.

Cameron has since mostly left mainstream movie and television, though a decade after Growing Pains ended, he acted in a television reunion movie, The Growing Pains Movie, in 2000, and another one, Growing Pains: Return of the Seavers, in 2004. Cameron reunited with the cast of Growing Pains for a CNN Larry King Live interview which aired on February 7, 2006, in conjunction with the Warner Bros. release of the complete first season of Growing Pains on DVD. Aside from this, Cameron has often worked in Christian-themed productions, among them the post-Rapture movies Left Behind: The Movie, Left Behind II: Tribulation Force, and Left Behind: World at War, in which he plays Cameron “Buck” Williams. Cameron’s wife Noble also acted in the movie series, playing Hattie Durham. Cameron has worked with Cloud Ten Pictures, a company which produces Christian-themed movies, and has acted in several of their movies, including The Miracle of the Cards.

He also appeared in the 2008 drama movie, Fireproof, which was produced by Sherwood Pictures. The movie was created on a budget of $500,000, with Cameron as the lead actor, portraying Captain Caleb Holt. Though it was a low-budget movie, the movie grossed $33,415,129 and was a box office success. It was the highest grossing independent movie of 2008.

In 2012, Cameron was the narrator and host of the documentary movie Monumental: In Search of America’s National Treasure. On its opening day, March 27, 2012, Monumental grossed $28,340. The movie stayed in theaters until May 20, 2012, grossing a total of $1.23 million.

In 2013, Cameron announced he would be the host of the movie Unstoppable slated to premiere September 24, 2013. A trailer for the movie was blocked on Facebook, with Cameron speculating that it was due to the movie’s religious content. Facebook has since removed the block, stating it was the result of a mistake by an automated system and a spam site previously registered at the same web address.

Cameron acted in and produced the 2014 family movie Mercy Rule, in which he plays a father who tries to save his small business from lobbyists, while supporting his son, who dreams of being a pitcher, in Little League Baseball. Cameron’s real-life wife plays his wife in the movie, which was released direct-to-video and via digital download.

Also in 2014, Cameron acted in the Christian-themed comedy movie Saving Christmas. The movie was panned by critics, winning the 2014 Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Picture and Worst Screenplay. Cameron also won the award for Worst Actor and Worst Screen Combo, which he won with “his ego”.

Cameron acted in Extraordinary, a 2017 movie made by Liberty University students that was the first such movie to be released nationally (for one night in September 2017). The movie follows the dream of a marathon running Liberty professor whose cross-country trek strains his body and marriage.

In the 2018 documentary movie Connect, Cameron helps parents with navigating the dangers of technology, including social media, for their children.

In 2019, he appeared in an episode of Fuller House, the Netflix sequel to Full House.

Cameron currently partners with fellow evangelist Ray Comfort, training Christians in evangelism. Together, they founded the ministry of The Way of the Master, which is best known for the television show of the same name that Cameron co-hosts, and which won the National Religious Broadcasters’ Best Program Award for two consecutive years. It also formerly featured a radio show known as The Way of the Master Radio with talk show host Todd Friel. The radio show was later canceled, and replaced with Wretched Radio, hosted by Friel. Cameron, along with his wife, founded The Firefly Foundation, which runs Camp Firefly, a summer camp that gives terminally ill children and their families a free week’s vacation.

Cameron and Comfort participated in a televised debate with atheists Brian Sapient and Kelly O’Conner of the Rational Response Squad, at Calvary Baptist Church, in Manhattan, on May 5, 2007. It was moderated by ABC’s Martin Bashir and parts of it were aired on Nightline. At issue was the existence of God, which Comfort stated he could prove scientifically, without relying on faith or the Bible. The audience was composed of both theists and atheists. Points of discussion included atheism and evolution. While Sapient contended during his arguments that Comfort violated the rules by talking about the Ten Commandments, Cameron later stated on The Way of the Master radio show that the rules of the debate did not say that the Bible could never be referenced, but rather that Comfort simply had to come up with one argument that did not reference the Bible or faith. During the debate, Cameron referred to the absence of a crocoduck to dispute the theory of evolution, which then became a meme to highlight misconceptions about the theory.

In November 2009 Cameron and others distributed free copies of an altered version of Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species on college campuses in the United States. The book consisted of Darwin’s text with chapters of the book removed, and with an added introduction by Ray Comfort reiterating common creationist assertions about Darwin and evolution. The book was criticized by scientists and Darwin biographers who criticized the omission of key chapters of the book, and who stated that its introduction contains misinformation about Darwin, and long-refuted creationist arguments about the science of evolution, such as the linking of Nazi racial theories to Darwinist ideas. Comfort later said that the four chapters were chosen at random to be omitted in order to make the book small enough to be affordable as a giveaway, with the absent chapters available for download, but that the missing chapters were included in the second edition, which had a smaller text size that made printing the entire book as a giveaway affordable. The second edition still lacks Darwin’s preface and glossary of terms. The National Center for Science Education arranged a campaign to distribute an analysis of the Comfort introduction and a banana bookmark at colleges across the U.S., a reference to Comfort’s presentation of the banana as an argument for the existence of God.


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