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1. Where did Kim Manning come from ?

Kimberley Fiona Manning (California, May 7, 1960), better known as Kim Manning, is an American TV presenter, actress and dancer who has developed her career in Spain.

2. What could we know about Kim Manning besides his height ?

She became popular in Spain through the game-show Un, dos, tres… responda otra vez, where she was one of the team of secretaries, a team of girls who co-hosted the show and did dancing and musical Broadway-like performances each episode. Manning became the secretary who did the highest number of episodes among all secretaries in the history of the show, 131 episodes in 4 seasons, starting on May 20, 1983 and ending on January 4, 1988. She became popular in Spain for the complicated choreographies she performed and for her outgoing and talkative personality when she spoke with the main host Mayra GĂłmez Kemp and the contestants. She eventually got the part of lead accountant secretary from November 9, 1987, being the only foreign accountant secretary in the show’s running time. She is still one of the most remembered secretaries that appeared in the show.

3. What are the projects of Kim Manning ?

In 1992, she co-hosted with Fernando Carrillo the daily magazine El show de la una in TVE-1.

4. Somme collaborations with Kim Manning ?

After returning for some years to America to study acting and doing some minor acts on Broadway, she returned to Spain to focus on her career as an actress, appearing in an episode of Farmacia de guardia and being her most renowned act in Manos a la obra, in Antena 3, where she played, from 1997 to 2001, Tanya, a polish worker who assisted Manolo (Ángel de Andrés) and Benito (Carlos Iglesias). In 2003, she appeared in another Antena 3 series, London Street, where she played Mrs. Robinson, a Londoner housewife that takes in the main character, played by Fernando Ramallo.

In August 2006, she appeared in The Cheetah Girls 2, a Disney Channel original movie, where she played Lola DurĂĄn. The same year, on October, she participated in the Spanish talent-show DesafĂ­o bajo cero, where she showed her background as an ice skater and ended in third place.

From 1992, she manages a restaurant named Cornucopia in Madrid.

She returned to America in the end of the 2000s. Nowadays, she resides in Phoenix, Arizona, where she works as an acting teacher for children in the Childsplay Theatre Company.

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