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1. Where did Kevin Woo come from ?

Kevin Woo (he is born in November 25, 1991), also known mononymously as Kevin, is a Korean-American singer-songwriter, actor and television host currently based in Japan. Born and raised in California, he was discovered by South Korean entertainment agency XING Entertainment at the age of 15 and subsequently moved to South Korea. After a few months of training, Woo started as a member of boy group XING in 2006 and left the group two years later. In August 2008, he re-started as a member of boy group U-KISS. In March 2017, he left U-KISS after his contract expired.

2. What could we know about Kevin Woo besides his height ?

Woo was born and raised in Danville, California, where he lived with his parents and elder sister. His father is a CF director while his mother is a fashion model. His paternal uncle is Emmanuel Woo, who is an actor and classical singer in Germany. At the age of 15, Woo was initially discovered through a XING Entertainment audition when he was on a holiday in South Korea. After he was accepted as a trainee, Woo and his mother moved to South Korea.

3. What are the projects of Kevin Woo ?

After a few months of training, Woo started as a first member generation of boy group XING in December 2006. After releasing three singles with the group, Woo left the group in April 2008. Following his departure, Woo signed with NH Media and re-started as a member of boy group U-KISS in August 2008.

4. Somme collaborations with Kevin Woo ?

In February 2009, Woo joined Arirang TV’s radio show Pops in Seoul as a host of segment “All About You” alongside co-host Kim Isak.


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Height Kevin Woo