Height of Kevin Brown (actor)

height Kevin Brown (actor)

height: …m

The height of Kevin Brown (actor) is …m.

1. Where did Kevin Brown (actor) come from ?

Kevin Brown is an American comedian, movie, and television actor, best known for his act on the series 30 Rock as “Dot Com”.

2. What could we know about Kevin Brown (actor) besides his height ?

Brown also appeared as the lead in Marq Overton’s one-man play Die Laughing in 2008 at the Diversity Players of Harlem and as an actor and executive producer of the stage play Box (an off-Broadway play about four Haitian stowaways to America).

3. What are the projects of Kevin Brown (actor) ?

Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding

4. Somme collaborations with Kevin Brown (actor) ?

Performance by an Ensemble in a

Comedy Series (nominated)

(2008, 2009–2013)


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Height Kevin Brown (actor)