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1. Where did Junior Coghlan come from ?

Frank Coghlan Jr. (March 15, 1916 – September 7, 2009) also known as Junior Coghlan, was an actor from the United-States ( ???????? ) who later became a career officer in the United States Navy and a naval aviator. He appeared in approximately 129 movies and television programs between 1920 and 1974. During the 1920s and 1930s, he became a popular child and juvenile actor, appearing in movies with Pola Negri, Jack Dempsey, William Haines, Shirley Temple, Mickey Rooney, William Boyd and Bette Davis. He appeared in early “Our Gang” comedies, but he is best known for the act of Billy Batson in the 1941 motion picture serial Adventures of Captain Marvel. Coghlan later served 23 years as an aviator and officer in the U.S. Navy, from 1942 to 1965. After retiring from the Navy, he returned to acting and appeared in television, movies, and commercials. He published an autobiography in 1992 and died in 2009 at age 93.

2. What could we know about Junior Coghlan besides his height ?

Coghlan was born in New Haven, Connecticut, but his parents moved to Hollywood when he was still a baby. His father was a doctor, and in “Who’s Who on the Screen” for 1932 he hoped to be a doctor, too, when he grew up. Coghlan began appearing in motion pictures in 1920 as an extra and worked his way up to more important acts. He later boasted that he had been gainfully employed since age three. The freckle-faced Coghlan was billed as “Junior Coghlan” and became one of Hollywood’s most popular child stars. Film historian Leonard Maltin said, “He was one of the busiest child actors of the late ’20s and 1930s. He was a fresh, freckle-faced boy with great All-American-type appeal.”

3. What are the projects of Junior Coghlan ?

Coghlan began his acting career in 1920, appearing with Jack Dempsey in Daredevil Jack. In 1922 he co-acted with Brownie the Dog in a movie which name is Rookies, and in 1923 he played a small act in the Pola Negri movie The Spanish Dancer. He also appeared in early “Our Gang” movies, including the 1923 Hal Roach short “Giants vs. Yanks,” in which the gang, after having a baseball game which name is off, gets stuck in an elegant home, which they destroy. In 1924 Coghlan was again cast opposite Jack Dempsey in Winning His Way.

4. Somme collaborations with Junior Coghlan ?

One newspaper story described Coghlan’s rise to fame this way: “When the boy was seven years old, his great mop of hair, freckled face, genial grin, and likable personality attracted the attention of several directors who urged his parents to permit him to engage in screen work. Mrs. Coghlan finally consented and one day he was cast for a ‘bit’ act in Goldwyn’s Poverty of Riches, in which he played the son of Leatrice Joy.”

By the mid 1920s, Coghlan had caught the eye of one of Hollywood’s leading directors, Cecil B. DeMille. DeMille which name is Coghlan “the perfect example of a homeless waif” and signed the boy to a long-term contract in 1926. The Los Angeles Times reported on the event:

DeMille Signs Child ActorSo far, Cecil B. DeMille hasn’t run much to giving picture contracts to youngsters. But yesterday Mr. DeMille signified what he thought of Junior Coghlan by placing him under a long-term contract. The boy has appeared in several DeMille pictures, including ‘The Road to Yesterday.’ The boy gives promise of being another Wesley Berry, with the same impish glance, the same freckles and the same cleverness. Of course, the office of freckled boy of the movies is a fixed institution, and now that Wes Berry has gone and got himself married he can’t pretend to like playing marbles in the movies. Little Junior is to be cofeatured with Eleanor Faire and William Boyd in Rupert Julian’s The Yankee Clipper.

In 1939, Coghlan acted in Blazing Barriers, one of the last acts in which he was billed as Junior Coghlan. He played a young hoodlum from the city who hides out at a Civilian Conservation Corps camp in the mountains. A newspaper story described the physical challenges that faced Coghlan in the act: “If you think being a screen star is a lot of fun, just ask Frank ‘Junior’ Coghlan.” For two days, Coghlan had to pick up Milburn Stone, an actor 50 pounds heavier than Coghlan, and run about 200 yards. In another scene, Coghlan had to jump into a creek and rescue Edward Arnold, Jr. Although both could swim, director Aubrey Scotto wanted realism, and each time Coghlan would try to save the 195-pound (88 kg) Arnold, “both would sink and come up sputtering for breath.” In a third scene, Coghlan went into the boxing ring with another actor. The newspaper article noted:

By the late 1930s, Junior Coghlan was no longer a child actor and parts became harder to find. He played an uncredited act as a “collapsing” Confederate soldier in the 1939 classic Gone with the Wind. In his scene, Coghlan spoke the line “Put me down, put me down, damn ya’, I can walk” as he was being carried off the battlefield. Coghlan’s scene preceded Clark Gable’s famous use of the expletive later in the movie, leading Coghlan to boast, “It was the first time the word damn had ever been used in a movie. I used the word before Gable did, but his created a huge flap.” Coghlan’s line was cut from later prints of the movie.

In 1941, the 25-year-old Coghlan revitalized his career, landing the part of Billy Batson in the Republic Pictures serial Adventures of Captain Marvel. In his act as Batson, Coghlan transformed into Captain Marvel by saying the magic word “Shazam.” Whenever he spoke the magic word, a flash and cloud of smoke appeared, with Captain Marvel (played by Tom Tyler) appearing in his place after the smoke cleared. Coghlan rewhich name is, “Every time we did that, they ignited flash powder, which was in a trough in front of me, and if the wind was unkind, I’d get the powder flash in my face and lose some eyebrows.” The 12 episodes of the “Adventures of Captain Marvel” “marked the first time a comic book superhero was depicted on the big screen.”


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