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1. Where did Julian Claman come from ?

Julian Claman (1918 – April 24, 1969) was an actor from the United-States ( ???????? ), war correspondent, press agent, stage manager, TV writer/producer, playwright, and novelist. He is well known for producing the TV series Have Gun – Will Travel (1957).

2. What could we know about Julian Claman besides his height ?

Claman wrote the novels Aging Boy (1964, cited in 2007 by Oscar-winning screenwriter/Pulitzer-winning author Larry McMurtry as a great lost novel) and The Malediction (1969). His first play A Quiet Place acted Tyrone Power and was directed by Delbert Mann. Claman wrote for the Mister Peepers TV series.

3. What are the projects of Julian Claman ?

Claman was married from 1953 to 1961 to five-time Tony-nominated actress Marian Seldes, who appeared in two episodes of Have Gun – Will Travel (1957), the TV series he produced. Seldes and Claman’s daughter Katharine (named after Broadway actress/producer Katharine Cornell) is a writer. Julian Claman died in 1969, age 50.

4. Somme collaborations with Julian Claman ?


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Height Julian Claman