Height of Jonathan Chase (actor)

height Jonathan Chase (actor)

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The height of Jonathan Chase (actor) is …m.

1. Where did Jonathan Chase (actor) come from ?

Chase was born Jonathan Shane Greenfield in Plantation, Florida. A graduate of the University of Florida, he is known for his act as Cash during the final season of the UPN show One on One starring Kyla Pratt. Chase has appeared in the movies Another Gay Movie (2006) and Dead Tone (2007), before starring in the 2005 horror movie The Gingerdead Man opposite Gary Busey. Chase guest-acted in episodes of the CW series Veronica Mars and the Emmy Award-winning series Monk.

2. What could we know about Jonathan Chase (actor) besides his height ?

In New York City, Chase trained with the Upright Citizens Brigade, strengthening his improvisation skills and comic timing.

3. What are the projects of Jonathan Chase (actor) ?

In 2009, Chase had supporting acts in two movies—in All About Steve, starring Sandra Bullock, as a crossword puzzle constructor who believes herself to be in love with a CNN cameraman, and Gamer, starring Gerard Butler, as an unwilling participant in an online game in which outside gamers can control human beings as players. He also voiced Patrick Connolly in the 2011 video game L.A. Noire, developed by Rockstar Games.

4. Somme collaborations with Jonathan Chase (actor) ?

Chase portrayed Sam Parker in the Oprah Winfrey Network sitcom Love Thy Neighbor, which premiered on May 29, 2013, and played Alan in the 2018 series American Woman.


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Height Jonathan Chase (actor)