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1. Where did Joe Cobb come from ?

Born in Shawnee, Oklahoma on November 7, 1916, Cobb auditioned for producer Hal Roach’s Our Gang comedy series at the age of five in 1921. He first worked with the series in 1922, appearing in The Champeen (1923) and The Big Show (1923).

2. What could we know about Joe Cobb besides his height ?

Cobb appeared in the Our Gang series’ last silent movie, Saturday’s Lesson, and its first talking short, Small Talk, both in 1929.

3. What are the projects of Joe Cobb ?

His penultimate episode as a regular cast member was Boxing Gloves (1929) when he was 12. Joining him in that movie (a remake of The Champeen) is ‘Chubby’ (15-year-old Norman Chaney), Cobb’s successor as the ‘fat kid’, and Jackie Cooper in his movie start.

4. Somme collaborations with Joe Cobb ?

Cobb’s final regular Our Gang appearance was in the Lazy Days episode (released Aug. 4, 1929). He appeared in 86 Our Gang movies during the seven years from 1922 to 1929. He also made three cameo appearances during the 1930s, in Fish Hooky (1933), Pay as You Exit (1936), and Reunion in Rhythm (1937).

After his acting career ended in the early 1940s, Cobb became an assembler for North American Aviation, a division of Rockwell International in Downey, California. He retired in 1981 at age 65.

In 1986, decades after his last movie act, he appeared in Classic Comedy Teams, a 1986 documentary that looked at the Our Gang actors and other screen comedians.

Cobb died of natural causes on May 21, 2002 in Santa Ana, California.


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