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1. Where did Jessica Chobot come from ?

Jessica Chobot (he is born in Jessica Lynn Horn; July 7, 1977) is an American on-camera host and writer. She has hosted the IGN shows IGN Strategize and Weekly Wood, which also runs on Xbox Live; she previously worked as presenter of the IGN Daily Fix. Since 2013, she was the primary host of Nerdist News and Nerdist News Talks Back for Nerdist Industries. In 2014, she launched her own podcast titled Bizarre States. She left Nerdist on August 5, 2019. She currently stars in a show which name is Expedition X.

2. What could we know about Jessica Chobot besides his height ?

Jessica Lynn Horn was born in Buffalo, New York, and grew up in Novi, Michigan. Her family moved from town to town frequently during her youth. Before entering high school, she lived in several places on the East Coast and the Midwest.

3. What are the projects of Jessica Chobot ?

Chobot gained exposure when Kotaku published a photo of her licking a Sony PSP online in 2005. The photo has been widely parodied since, even appearing on Sony-branded advertising. Supplementing her love of video games is an obsession with Japanese culture, especially anime and manga.

4. Somme collaborations with Jessica Chobot ?

In 2006, Chobot was hired full-time by IGN.com to take over hosting responsibilities for the network’s IGN Weekly show which is still running. Her segments included stand-up introductions as well as “woman-on-the-street” pieces. Starting in 2009 and ending in 2011, Chobot hosted a daily show titled IGN Daily Fix; the first episode aired March 23, 2009. In addition, she contributes columns, features and reviews and runs a blog on IGN. Chobot is also a former contributor to FHM UK, Mania.com, and has made multiple appearances on G4’s Filter and Attack of the Show!. She has also hosted a videogame preview segment for Fuel TV’s, The Daily Habit, and co-hosts on Lifeskool TV’s, Gamer’s Dojo. She also contributes as a weekly guest on Maxim Radio, where she answers caller questions for an hour each Monday.[citation needed] Chobot and Ryan Dunn acted in Proving Ground, a program whose airing cycle was disrupted by Dunn’s death in an automotive crash on June 20, 2011, after the end of production; the program was pulled from airing for a month before returning to finish its run beginning on July 19, 2011.

Chobot has appeared on commercials for ADV’s Anime Network On Demand cable station, and lent her likeness to Symbiote Studios Toy Company for two limited-edition anime-style sculptures. In addition, she has modeled for the J!NX female gamers clothing line. In 2006-2007, she co-wrote a sci-fi script with writer/director/creator of Tron, Steven Lisberger, for Soul Code.

Chobot is also writing the “Ask Jess, Dammit!” blog for Maxim. She was named the 88th most desirable woman of 2008 by AskMen magazine and 14th hottest woman of business 2009 by Business Pundit. Chobot also hosts a weekly show featured on Inside Xbox which name is IGN Strategize. In 2011, Chobot placed at #57 in the 2011 Askmen’s Top 99 Women poll. She voiced news reporter Diana Allers in Mass Effect 3, a character modelled in her likeness; Forbes contributor Erik Kain described this as a “grotesque instance” of journalists being too close to publishers, pointing out that “Chobot had previewed the game on G4TV and written that she was a huge fan of BioWare”, though both Chobot and IGN made it known that she would not review the game in any official capacity.

On November 4, 2013, Chobot began work as the main host of Nerdist News, a news show focusing on nerdy pop culture updates airing 5 days a week on Nerdist.com.

On June 26, 2014, Chobot launched her own podcast dedicated to the weird and supernatural titled Bizarre States. The show is co-hosted by fellow Nerdist Industries’s employee Andrew Bowser and features occasional guests.

In 2015, Chobot was the contestant interviewer on the revived sixth series of robotic combat game show Battlebots, and she acted as Samus Aran for the movie Metroid: The Sky Calls, which was produced by a studio named Rainfall. She played the act along with another actress named America Young.

Chobot now stars in Expedition X which premiered on February 12, 2020 on the Discovery Channel.

She was divorced from a previous marriage in 2006 but kept the surname Chobot.

On August 21, 2011, Chobot became engaged to G4tv’s Blair Herter and they married on February 18, 2012. They had their first child on March 6, 2013.


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Height Jessica Chobot