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1. Where did Jerry Chipman come from ?

Chipman was born on March 16, 1941, to Carl D. Chipman and Nellie Knox Chipman in Halls, Tennessee. His family relocated to Memphis, Tennessee when he was a teenager. He went to Frayser High School. Later at the Memphis State University he earned a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts, a double major in English and theater history, and a minor in journalism. On April 27, 2015, he married Emiliano Livellara. Chipman died on August 2, 2020, nine days after open-heart surgery.

2. What could we know about Jerry Chipman besides his height ?

Chipman joined St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital as a spokesman in 1971. He was initially the only person in the organization working on public relations, but he steadily built the staff and scope of the hospital’s public relations and communication. Dr. William E. Evans, former CEO of the hospital, said “he played a great act in helping the public understand St. Jude’s global leader position, and he also was a great liaison to the Memphis community.” In 2009 his title was Vice President of Executive and Corporate Relationships, and in 2010 his title was Interim Senior Vice President of Public Relationships. He retired from the hospital on June 29, 2012, though he planned to continue directing and acting at Theatre Memphis.

3. What are the projects of Jerry Chipman ?

Chipman immersed himself in local theater as soon as he was old enough to pursue his interest in the stage. He joined his first production at Memphis Little Theatre, where he acted alongside his former high school English teacher Florence Leffler. Later, he would serve as president of Theatre Memphis’ board of directors, and hold interim acts during transitions in internal leadership. Throughout the years, he would play hundreds of acts and direct hundreds of productions at Theatre Memphis. He also worked on productions at Playhouse on the Square and Circuit Playhouse. From 2000, Chipman was a client of the Colors Talent Agency.

4. Somme collaborations with Jerry Chipman ?


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