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height Jeff Cohen (actor)

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1. Where did Jeff Cohen (actor) come from ?

Jeffrey Bertan Cohen (he is born in Jeffrey Bertan McMahon; June 25, 1974) is an American attorney (and founding partner of Cohen & Gardner, LLP) and former child actor known as Jeff McMahon, best remembered for appearing as Chunk in the 1985 Steven Spielberg production The Goonies.

2. What could we know about Jeff Cohen (actor) besides his height ?

Cohen was born Jeffrey Bertan McMahon in Los Angeles. He took his stage name from the maiden name of his mother, Elaine Cohen. Since the part of “Chunk” entailed a lot of mockery at Cohen’s weight, he took up high school football and has lost a great deal of weight as an adult.

3. What are the projects of Jeff Cohen (actor) ?

Cohen attended the University of California, Berkeley, earning a B.S. in Business Administration from the Haas School of Business in 1996. While at UC Berkeley, Cohen was a resident assistant during the 1994–1995 academic year at Unit I’s Putnam Hall and later on in Norton Hall. He became President of the Associated Students; his campaign posters featured a picture of himself from his Goonies days and the simple slogan “Chunk for president”. He was also known for his energy at football games serving as the “Mic-Man” and performing the now-famous Truffle Shuffle on the sidelines to raise applause from the crowd. While at Berkeley, Cohen also was initiated as a brother into the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity.[citation needed]

4. Somme collaborations with Jeff Cohen (actor) ?

Cohen was one of the children describing words to the contestants on the 1982–83 CBS game show Child’s Play. And during the summer of 1985, he appeared as a celebrity on Body Language. In 1986 he was also in a Disney TV movie, Ask Max. Cohen’s sister, Eydie Faye, is a playwright and actress. In the final scene of The Goonies, when the families gather on the beach, Faye has a cameo as Chunk’s sister.[citation needed]

His acting had an incredible sense of genuineness, of reality. He was Jeff — he drew from himself, and I think that’s who he is now. He’s honest and straight. I think that was in his acting and now in his law practice.


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Height Jeff Cohen (actor)