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1. Where did Jason Mojica come from ?

Jason Mojica was born in Cicero, Illinois in 1974.[citation needed] He went to Southern Illinois University in Carbondale for one year before dropping out, although he later earned a degree, at age 34, in Political Communication from George Washington University in Washington, D.C.. After beginning attendance at the school, however, Mojica said he never felt like part of the university community: “I’m a 31-year-old male. Do you really want me living in a dorm?” Mojica said in offering an “awkward explanation” he gave to live off-campus.

2. What could we know about Jason Mojica besides his height ?

Mojica had originally dropped out of college to become the front man of The Fighters, a punk rock band he started with high school friends. Mojica also began his own indie record label, Rocco Records, opened his own coffee house, Jinx cafe, and bought a video rental store. The decision to return to college, he explained, was an “attempt to think inside the box and learn how to write a business letter.”

3. What are the projects of Jason Mojica ?

In 2006, Mojica and two friends crowdfunded, produced and directed the documentary Christmas in Darfur? Produced by their company 77 International, It was one of the first feature-length documentaries to be distributed online for free.

4. Somme collaborations with Jason Mojica ?

In 2009, Mojica became a producer and correspondent for The Listening Post, a weekly media review and analysis program airing on Al Jazeera English.

While he was a sophomore in high-school, Mojica started a small press that initially published photocopied minicomics, but later grew into a magazine publisher and record label. The company was active from 1989-1999.

In 1989, at the age of 15, Mojica started publishing comic books written and drawn by him and his friends under the moniker Rocco Comics. The comics were predominantly in the minicomic format and printed in runs of 100-500. Titles included Hamster Man, Mundane Tales, and Hey Shakey Jake, Are You Out of Your Fuckin’ Crazy!?. Over time the circle of contributors grew to include established underground and indie cartoonists Jay Lynch, Grass Green, Terry Laban, Caact Sobocinski, Matt Feazell, Reed Waller, and Jim Siergy.


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Height Jason Mojica