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1. Where did Jared Cohn come from ?

Cohn is a writer, director, producer and actor born in New York, and graduated from the New York Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in communication arts. His major was movie production and post production. He is a photographer, editor and After Effects user, as well as a black belt in Shaolin Kempo Karate, a professional paintball player, and a certified scuba diver. He and his bodies of work have received media coverage. He currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

2. What could we know about Jared Cohn besides his height ?

In 2011, Cohn wrote and directed Lifetime Channel’s number one summer hit, Born Bad, a psychological thriller starring Meredith Monroe (Dawson’s Creek, Criminal Minds) and Michael Welch (the Twilight saga). In 2012, he premiered his first theatrical release, Hold Your Breath, which he directed. The same year he wrote and directed Bikini Spring Break, starring Robert Carradine (Revenge of the Nerds) and the horror-thriller 12/12/12.

3. What are the projects of Jared Cohn ?

In 2013, Cohn directed From the Sea (released as Atlantic Rim), starring Graham Greene (Dances with Wolves, Defiance) and David Chokachi (Witchblade, Baywatch). He also wrote and directed the women-in-prison drama Jailbait, and had a featured act in the independent horror-thriller, Feed the Devil which was shot on 35mm movie.

4. Somme collaborations with Jared Cohn ?

Cohn’s movies are typically released direct-to-video, via outlets such as Redbox, basic cable channels or supermarkets.


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Height Jared Cohn