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height Henry Brown (actor)

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1. Where did Henry Brown (actor) come from ?

Henry Brown is a movie, television and stage actor whose career began in the early 1970s and continues to the present. With over sixty credits, he has appeared in over thirty movies and thirty television shows. He quite often plays policemen and law enforcement officials. He played the main act in Carmen Madden’s 2010 movie, Everyday Black Man.

2. What could we know about Henry Brown (actor) besides his height ?

In 1969, Brown came to UCSB with the intention of playing baseball. He graduated from there in 1971. One day while grabbing a quick meal, he accidentally spilt a glass of milk on Frank Silvera who happened to be a guest artist at UCSB at the time. Silvera introduced him to Dr. William R. Reardon. Brown was then recruited for the UCSB Touring Players. It was actually another guest artist Paul Winfield that introduced Brown to Stanley Kramer, and while still a student, Brown would land his first acting act in a Kramer movie.

3. What are the projects of Henry Brown (actor) ?

His movie work includes My First Mister, Lethal Weapon 3. He has also had acts in The Man In The Glass Booth, Three the Hard Way, The Law, and Fireball Forward. On television he has had a recurring act in Baywatch Nights. He has also appeared in Pickett Fences. Brown is also a stage actor and his stage work includes playing the part of Kofi Annan in David Hare’s Iraq war drama Stuff Happens which also included Keith Carradine playing Bush and Julian Sands playing Blair. Other stage work includes playing the part Billy Lee in The Ballad of Billy Lee. In addition to movie, television and stage work, Brown has ventured into directing, and his directorial start was music video “Nothing Sacred” by Mr. Way.

4. Somme collaborations with Henry Brown (actor) ?

His earliest movie work in the 1970 movie, R. P. M. which was directed by Stanley Kramer. Along with Jose Brad and Frank Alesia, he played one of the students. A couple of years later, he played a wounded soldier in Marvin J Chomsky’s Fireball Forward.

In 1976, he appeared in the Douglas Hickox feature, Sky Riders which acted James Coburn, Susannah York and Robert Culp.

In 1992, he appeared in two episodes of Matlock, as Reggie in “The Evening News, Part 1” and “The Evening News, Part 2”.

In 2005, Their Eyes Were Watching God starring Halle Berry was released. He played the part of Water Stone.


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Height Henry Brown (actor)