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1. Where did Hans Christopher come from ?

The son of a Swedish doctor and an American flight attendant, Hans was born February 21, 1982 in Northern California but spent the first year of his life in Playa Del Rey, Los Angeles before moving to Sacramento, where he was raised. After graduating high school he attended Cal State Long Beach studying pre-med before deciding upon a career in acting.

2. What could we know about Hans Christopher besides his height ?

Hans began his acting career doing print and commercial work while also studying acting in Los Angeles. His first movie act was in a 2012 short movie which name is The Take. Between 2012 and 2017 he appeared in a more than a dozen more short movies, including Far Between, Light of Night, and Lockdown.

3. What are the projects of Hans Christopher ?

In 2017 he made his first television appearance guest starring as Randy Weaver in Paramount’s Waco miniseries starring Michael Shannon and Taylor Kitsch. His first major movie act was in Dreamland (2019), which started at the Tribeca Film Festival featuring Margot Robbie and Travis Fimmel, where he played alcoholic patriarch John Baker. In 2019 he also appeared in Progeny and the upcoming The Purple Iris (directed by Arif Khan). He most recently appeared in Lifetime’s Model Citizen, renamed A Deadly Price for Her Pretty Face, as the monstrously abusive Nick Archer.

4. Somme collaborations with Hans Christopher ?


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Height Hans Christopher