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1. Where did Griffin McElroy come from ?

Griffin Andrew McElroy (/ˈmĂŠkəl.rɔÉȘ/ MAC-elroy, born April 17, 1987) is an American podcaster, actor, writer, composer, and former video game journalist. He is known for his work on podcasts such as My Brother, My Brother and Me and The Adventure Zone, as well as for co-founding the video game journalism website Polygon. In 2017, Forbes named him a “30 Under 30” media luminary.

2. What could we know about Griffin McElroy besides his height ?

Griffin McElroy was born in 1987 to Clint McElroy, former co-host of WTCR-FM’s morning radio show in Huntington, West Virginia, and his wife Leslie. Griffin McElroy is an alumnus of Marshall University with a degree in journalism. He married Rachel McElroy in 2013. They have two sons: Henry, born in 2016, and Gus, born in March 2021.

3. What are the projects of Griffin McElroy ?

McElroy’s journalism career began in 2007, when he began working as the weekend editor for Joystiq. During the 2008 United States presidential election, McElroy also acted as MTV’s local journalist for his home state of West Virginia. He departed Joystiq in 2012 in order to found Polygon along with his brother Justin McElroy and Christopher Grant, going on to later become a senior video producer for the site. During his tenure, he oversaw a large volume of video content for the site, including their Monster Factory series and several let’s plays. In 2018, Griffin and Justin both announced their departure from Polygon, in order to focus on their podcasting careers and families.

4. Somme collaborations with Griffin McElroy ?

Since 2010, Griffin McElroy, along with his brothers Justin and Travis, has co-hosted the comedy podcast My Brother, My Brother and Me, an “advice show for the modren era” hosted as part of the Maximum Fun network. The brothers also acted in a 2017 TV show based on the podcast, which originally aired on Seeso.

In 2014, the McElroy brothers launched a tabletop act-playing game podcast entitled The Adventure Zone. Initially playing Dungeons & Dragons, the show moved into other game systems in later seasons. Griffin McElroy acted as the Dungeon Master and voice of numerous NPCs for the initial 69 episodes of their first campaign,


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Height Griffin McElroy