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1. Where did Glen Cavender come from ?

Glen Cavender (September 19, 1883 – February 9, 1962) was an American movie actor. He appeared in 259 movies between 1914 and 1949.

2. What could we know about Glen Cavender besides his height ?

The Spanish–American War soldier was born in Tucson, Arizona, and died in Hollywood, California. He started his acting career in vaudeville shows. Cavender belonged to the original Keystone Cops and was a regular in numerous Mack Sennett comedies. He also worked as a director for three Mack Sennett movies between 1914 and 1916. During the 1920s, Cavender worked for the movie studios Educational and Christie and appeared in Buster Keaton’s movie classic The General (1926) as the antagonistic Union Captain Anderson. The advance of sound movie in the late 1920s damaged his career and, formerly a well-known actor, Cavender only played minor acts until his retirement in 1949.

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Height Glen Cavender