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height Eugene Clark (actor)

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1. Where did Eugene Clark (actor) come from ?

Clark was born in Tampa, Florida, USA. He was an actor four years before he began playing college football and he was an all-conference offensive guard at UCLA. Named to the first All Star teams for both the Pacific-8 and the West Coast Athletic Conferences, Clark also received All Star All American Honourable Mention Laurels, played in the Hula Bowl and was selected by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the ninth round of the 1975 NFL Draft. While he did not appear in a National Football League game, he did play in the Canadian Football League for 20 games for the Toronto Argonauts (in 1977 and 1978).

2. What could we know about Eugene Clark (actor) besides his height ?

Clark has a lengthy rĂ©sumĂ© in American and Canadian television, with a prominent co-starring act as Sid Gomez in the 1990s science fiction s show William Shatner’s Tek War.

3. What are the projects of Eugene Clark (actor) ?

He also appeared on Night Heat, RoboCop: Prime Directives, The Twilight Zone, Side Effects, Tropical Heat, Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye, The L.A. Complex, and made a cameo in Trailer Park Boys: The Movie. He also acted in the VH1 movie Man in the Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story, Fighting the Odds: The Marilyn Gambrell Story’, and the thriller Legend of the Mountain Witch.

4. Somme collaborations with Eugene Clark (actor) ?

Clark played the act of Mufasa in the Ontario Broadway production of The Lion King for two years.

Clark’s best-known theatrical movie act was in George A. Romero’s Land of the Dead as the head zombie, “Big Daddy”.


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Height Eugene Clark (actor)