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1. Where did Eugene Byrd come from ?

Byrd’s movie appearances include Dead Man, Demon Island, Sleepers, 8 Mile, Lift and Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid. He had the leading act in Confess, for which he won the Break-Out Performance Award at the 2006 Method Fest Independent Film Festival. Byrd also acted with longtime friend/Rap Artist Will “Tha Vill” Fuller, Jerry Della Salla (Green Zone) and Director Clay Von Thomas. The four men worked on the highly anticipated Pilot which name is “The Barracks.”

2. What could we know about Eugene Byrd besides his height ?

Byrd had a guest act in the first season of the Nickelodeon television series Are You Afraid of the Dark? in which he portrayed a teenage prankster nicknamed Weeds in the sixth episode titled ‘The Tale of the Super Specs.’ He was also a guest star in the seventh and eighth seasons of The Cosby Show for four episodes titled “Theo and the Kids” part 1 and 2, “Theo’s Future,” and “Cliff and Theo Come Clean.” He landed a act on Beverly Hills, 90210 as Robinson Ashe III during the second season. Byrd appeared in several season 3 episodes of the Touched by an Angel spin off Promised Land as Lawrence “L.T.” Taggert, Jr., a troubled teen struggling with gang related drug and violence issues. He acted in the Disney movie Perfect Harmony (released 31 March 1991), which explores the racial tensions between African-American and white populations in a small South Carolina town. Byrd’s character, Landy Allen, is the grandson of an African-American caretaker at an all-white private academy. His character’s musical talent attracts the interest of a student named Taylor Bradshaw (played by Justin Whalen), who sets out to explore the music and lives of African-American residents, knowing his actions could result in expulsion from the academy and rejection by his fellow white students and friends.

3. What are the projects of Eugene Byrd ?

In 1993, Byrd appeared as Walter in the TV series Ghostwriter. He portrayed the comical but defiant Oliver Cross on the British Children’s television series Chris Cross, which won an award for “Best Children’s Series” in 1994. The show aired on the Showtime Cable Network from 1994 to 1995. He guest stars in NYPD Blue (2001). Byrd had a minor act in season one of Heroes, as Nathan Petrelli’s campaign manager. He had a recurring act as Dr. Sidney Trumaine in 13 episodes of Crossing Jordan, which aired on NBC from 2001 through 2007. His character disappeared after season five’s opener “There’s No Place Like Home II”. Byrd has also made appearances on Two and a Half Men as one of Charlie Harper’s drinking buddies and in the Syfy channels’s science fiction thriller Eureka as Michael Clark in the episode titled “Worst Case Scenario.” The series was cancelled in 2012 after five seasons.

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